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Welcome to "Las Grutas de Gabriel" Tourism Operator
Our is a Kichwa family run company and our knowledge about the jungle, which is given by the hard work of our communities, is at the service of everybody.
We are native guides, born and grew up in the wild, we keep the understanding of our ancestors. The nature is our home, we have to preserve it. Help us!
Our office base is in Tena, capital of the Napo province, in the Amazon jungle, Ecuador, South America.
Tena, Archidona, the Jumandy Caverns and the beaches in Misahuallí are our closest tourist sites, but the smell of the jungle still the major attraction. The region is full of large and small rivers which sometime replace the big roads, they are the greatest attractions in the middle of the jungle, they lead to lagoons which are very important for many botanics and zoologists. For example, Añangucocha, Limoncocha and the Yasuni Park, with their spider cradles, piranhas and caymans or their orchids, bromeliads, butterflies, toucans, parrots, etc.

Tena's people are very dedicated in the creation of handcrafts made out of jungle seeds, natural filaments and ceramic. The production of chocolate, yuca, plantain, chinise potatoe and heart of palm, together with chontacuro (a species of worm) and fish (tilapia, piranhas, etc), are part of the traditional Amazon dishes.

We offer the following services:

- 1 to 11 days jungle tours.
- Medicinal plants treating and massages.
- Visits to Huaorani and Kichwa communities.
- Discovery of snakes, amazon fish, birds, insects...
Exploration of the Jumandy Caverns.
- Rafting.
- Kayak.
- Tubing.
- Sport fishing.
- Visit of the Grand Canyon of the Jondachi and Ñachi Yacu rivers.
- Free diving.
- Visit to museums.
- Ceramic elaboration.
- Visit to Amazon Animals Rescue Center (Amazónico)

Our programs are flexible, we adapt to your needs.